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Crypticz (An alias of UK musician Jordan Parsons) has carved out his own brand of forward-thinking, sub-heavy leftfield electronic music and become a firm favourite of those seeking cutting edge Jungle/Bass adjacent music.


The origins of the Crypticz project go as far back as 2012, where Parsons used the alias as a vessel to create and release early Dubstep & Jungle productions. By 2013, the Crypticz name had become familiar with those interested in Footwork music in the UK DJ community.


Jordan pushed further forward and continued to blur the lines between unique sounds and styles, which caught the ear of many respected underground labels, leading to a slew of releases where Parsons started to really carve out the true 'Crypticz sound'. The most notable of these releases came on London based label Diffrent Music, who also helped to release breakout single 'Bubblegum' - a dark, cavernous, sound system focused UK Bass hybrid, which gained vast support across a variety of scenes on radio and in clubs, from various notable DJs.


One of which was Doc Scott, who is considered royalty within the Drum & Bass scene for his pioneering work from the genre's beginnings, who approached Parsons and opened the door for a release on Doc Scott's very own record label, the seminal 31 Records, namely the Echo Sound EP  where Parsons presented four, expertly crafted Drum & Bass hybrids with a heavy Dub & Dancehall influence. Heavy rotation across clubs and radio worldwide cemented Crypticz as a serious up and comer within leftfield Drum & Bass music.


Shortly after Parsons had begun channelling more deep and personal subject matter into his work, whilst still maintaining a strong relationship with UK Jungle/Drum & Bass sonics. During this period a more serious working relationship with highly respected electronic musician Om Unit (Jim Coles) had developed. Coles took Parsons under his wing and helped him to refine his skills, and in 2017 Om Unit's own record label, Cosmic Bridge, released the Forever EP, pressing Crypticz music to vinyl for the first time.


2017-2019 saw a further slew of vinyl releases and a hefty spree of Live shows across the UK and Europe which quickly earned Crypticz a small, but very loyal and dedicated, fan base. Now known for his own brand of introspective, jungle influenced and dub rooted UK electronic music, heard as such on 2019's Patterns EP, in conjunction with an intense live show, performed with a refined array of hardware, that he brought to many club spaces and venues.


Not content with stagnation, Parsons reanalysed and deconstructed the Crypticz sound for his next project. With a focus on 90s Jungle nostalgia and an intense exercise in musical texture and arrangement in 2020’s 'Between Dust & Time', via Bristol imprint Western Lore. This record immediately became a fan favourite for its immense levels of depth and atmosphere and was described by critics as 'elevating drum & bass to near-symphonic ambitions', with Juno claiming the record 'casts evocative shadows with a similar feel to Photek's landmark LP,  Modus Operandi'. 


Now, in 2022, Crypticz is ready to release his true, debut full-length LP, Transition of Eye. Carefully crafted over the last few years, Transition of Eye is being released by the true spiritual home of Crypticz material, Cosmic Bridge. With the guidance of Om Unit to push his musical composition to new levels, Parsons reaches the true peak of the Crypticz sound on the LP. Of the record, Om Unit himself says 'Crypticz has cultivated a sonic identity that is worthy of individual recognition and with this LP he expresses a sense of completeness and maturity gained through some years of development both musically and personally.'

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