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Booms & Claps Mix

Crypticz has recorded a new mix for USA based electronic music collective, Booms & Claps.

Click here to listen

In their words... 'If you’ve been paying attention to the deeper side of “drum and bass adjacent” music at all for the past eight years, you’ve undoubtedly taken notice of the Bristol based, Papa Om Unit led, powerhouse of an imprint known as Cosmic Bridge. This label has led the charge in the exploration of ethereal soundscapes, dubwise textures, jungle breaks, and autonomic beat structures at 160/170 bpm, and a young lad by the name of Crypticz has been one of our absolute favorite artists to emerge from the Cosmic Bridge sonic incubator. With releases on other notable labels such as Diffrent Music and 31 Recordings, as well as a massive recently self-released EP entitled “Patterns” that has been in consistent rotation for us here at Booms and Claps, Crypticz has easily solidified himself as a leader in the world of halftime drum and bass, jungle, and ambient beats. His sound is polished and clean, yet still has a warm quality that feels natural and organic… but most importantly, his work as a song-writer transcends the traditional structure of DJ-oriented music and creates layer after layer of auditory story-telling that takes us on a journey through the mind of Jordan Parsons AKA Crypticz.While he’s largely gained notoriety for his thought-provoking storytelling through production, he’s equally talented at crafting a journey through the DJ mix format. We’re honored to have him as the latest guest on the Booms and Claps mix series, and we couldn’t be more excited to present the absolutely epic BnC Mix 043: Crypticz. Buckle up, it’s quite the ride.'

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