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New EP, Eras, available to pre-order

Crypticz announces new EP, Eras, for release on October 29th.

He says... 'I've been working on some larger scale projects behind the scenes so when Mystic State asked me to do a full length EP for their label The Chikara Project I was at first apprehensive to take on more work. Myself & the Mystic State guys go back a bit now, we kind of came up together around a similar time and used to bounce back demos and such in the earlier days.I wanted to do something for them as a result so after much thought I put together a small collection of tracks from the vaults ranging from 2015 - 2019, gave them all a bit of a touch up and Era's came together. It's a small but nice indication of what I've been doing, how my sound has developed and where I'm headed.'

You can pre-order it by clicking here and get an instant download of 'Waterman Dub (Shine Your Light)'

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