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New double record, Between Dust & Time, available to Pre-Order now

Bristol Jungle label, Western Lore, is releasing the next Crypticz record. Between Dust & Time is a double 12" EP that explores Ambient & Dub music within a Jungle context. Pre-orders are now available. Click here to order your copy.

Crypticz had this to say about the record...

'Towards the back end of 2018, before I was preparing to make the move to Bristol, I was beginning to think more deeply about and break down what my music actually was, stylistically speaking. I always believed dub was the strongest foundation present within my work as Crypticz but through some analysis I recognised how great an impact and influence Jungle music had been on my approach throughout the years. It was particularly prevalent in some of my earlier works circa 2013/14 but I didn’t fully realise how this had actually travelled with me and continued to inform my music and started to reveal itself again. From here I wanted to channel this learning into a new project, I decided wanted to make a Jungle record. After a listening deep dive I identified three key pillars within Jungle I wanted to deconstruct and emphasise, those being texture, atmosphere/ambience and arrangement. Over an approximately 4-6 month period from the back end of 2018 into early 2019 I indulged in this project and the result is Between Dust & Time.

I feel privileged and honoured to be able to release this project as part of Western Lore’s incredible catalogue. The label has quickly become a hub which explores and pushes what Jungle can be whilst still shining a light on the real roots of this music and I have the upmost respect. Away from the music every release is executed with upmost care and detail for art and presentation, a quality that shouldn’t be ignored. For me WL is one of the, if not the, greatest jungle record label of the modern era.'

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